“ADVISING means above all listening and understanding the particularity of each client and each situation.”

Why Lynde & Associes

Because our service is a truly personalized service, delivered by a strong team of professionals with complementary experiences and skills, reflecting our desire for efficiency and responsiveness, in particular through a short circuit between receiving the client’s request and our tailor-made response.

Because we are an experienced and creative IP firm, strongly involved in knowledge, result oriented, focused on our clients’ real needs.

Thanks to true listening, constant exchanges and practical curiosity, we know our clients very well: our legal opinions take into account both the legal context and the economic context in which our clients operate, for the best possible outcome.

Because we accompany our customers on the road to success: our presence alongside you is constant, from the project reflection phase, from conception to implementation, protection and launch. We are used to deal with legal teams, lawyers, marketing directors, managers and individual entrepreneurs. Our clients range from multinationals to SMEs at all stages of their development.

Because our involvement, based on our experience and knowledge of IP, enables us to competently manage IP portfolios, understand issues and resolve complex situations in the interests of our clients. Our perfect knowledge of official institutions, whether French, European or international (such as INPI, WIPO, EUIPO, EPO, USPTO, etc.) allows us to offer an optimal quality service and a highly reactive follow-up.

Because our structure and methods allow us to work within a controlled budget framework, compatible with the natural demands of moderation that prevail in all companies.

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